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10 Best PDF Submission and Sharing Sites List 2023

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High PR DoFollow PDF Submission Sites List 2022

After you write the content and make all the necessary changes the next step is to convert the document from the MS Word format to the PDF format because the presentation view in a PDF format is much more than compared to the other formats. The best way to get high and top notch quality backlinks are from “PDF Submission Sites List 2022” or free document Sharing sites. Backlinks and submissions clubbed together to form an important part of SEO industry and help you gain more popularity and traffic for your website. If your content has more follow do ups then people keep interest in your website and therefore these are some of the top High PR PDF submission sites List or Free document sharing site list 2022

1) ISSUU: In this website, you can not only upload documents in PDF but also share your publications with others. The uniqueness of this website is what makes it different than all the others. In this, you get to track the activities of your users, where they are located and which page they like and which page do they share the most? This not only gives you the insights of your audience but it also helps people to modify and improvise their content for their own profit purpose. For example, if the target audience has maximum science members then the content post should be a bit more rational and logical which would gain more followers and maintain the current ones.

2) SCRIBD: This website offers a wide range of content and matter which you will find interesting to read. Therefore, this site has gained a huge amount of popularity on the basis of the only app which has been termed by users as meant only for reading purposes. The membership plans allow to unlimited access to the data and content from all over the world may it be news, magazines or documents and blogs. It is till date the biggest documentary in the world.

3) A free and user-friendly platform which is meant for small businesses to share their content and data blogs so that their SEO can be improved and moreover possible and quality leads can be generated. Sharing your content in the PDF format is one way to reach new possible targets and leads through this website which allows you to optimize your content and also provide an embedded document viewer.

4) Started in 2008, this site took the education world by storm. It has been widely used by teachers, students, researchers and marketers to upload PDF files and the USP of this thing is that it doesn’t require any sign-ups and therefore you don’t get any spam emails. Anonymity can be maintained if you want to and also the uploading and publishing in PDF format is totally free.

5) You have generally seen when you want to download a particular file or data, they provide you with a media fire link which opens up a compressed site from where you can actually download the file someone else had uploaded. All that you need to do is to sign-up and you can share via links, social network, and email. There is a provision for unlimited ad-supported download with no need for waiting which not only saves time but also improves your chances of getting more and more possible quality leads. You can store all your pictures, audio, and videos. You will also have access to all important files virtually from anywhere and this increases the amount of audience for your websites and gives you a considerable amount of profit.

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