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Top 60+ Dofollow Best Article Submission Sites List

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30 Active
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46 Active
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48 Active
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50 Active
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High PR Article Submission Sites List 2022

Article submission refers to getting your business related articles written and having them featured in the article submission directories. Article submissions are not only pocket-friendly but it also improves the ranking of your business in several search engines. It happens through the method of increasing the number of backlinks and PR. It also helps in building trust with potential customers.

The key ingredient in this technique is that the articles have to satisfyingly relevant to your business. Customers want to know about your products or services. So, the articles act as the beacon of information about you. That is why you have to make sure that the articles are information rich and original as well.

Key Points for Writing Articles:
• Make sure they contain relevant and enough information.
• Articles should be keyword rich, not keyword stuffing.
• The average length of 500-700 words should be maintained.
• Make the articles more attractive by adding bullets and numberings, subheadings. It also makes it easier on the eyes and understanding of customers.
• Add the main keyword into the title of the article. It helps the web crawlers to identify the topic of your title.

Article Submission is one of the most successful techniques of SEO. Ensure that you submit your article to the popular article submission directories. It is one of those methods that don’t indulge in too much spending of money. Additionally, it can establish you as an expert in the business.

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