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Top 10+ Free Question and Answer Submission Sites List

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High PR Question Answer Websites 2020

The knowledge age internet contains is vast and almost never-ending. You can find almost from anything to virtually everything over there. In a world where everything is digitalized, education has also taken a step up. There are many online studies and classes and therefore taking doubts of each and every child has become difficult for both the teachers and the education system. To resolve these there are various Q/A websites with high PR which help you with these unusual and weirdest doubt of all. There are many situations to which you may not be able to find answers to because the question may require a particular set of knowledge or expertise in a skill set you know nothing about, there is when these “High PR Question Answer Submission Sites List 2020 swoop in and come in handy. These sites have people giving their opinion throughout the globe and you can find different angles and perspectives to the same topic and also different and various approaches to solving a single problem too.
Here are some of the top High PR Dofollow Question and Answer Websites:

ANSWERBAG: Here you can find answers to your various questions from various fields of science and other fields too. You need to first do a mandatory signup and registration which can be synced with both Facebook and Google. After doing that you can ask questions on any topic and also browse through the different categories of your choice and read all the questions and answers asked by other people just to increase both your knowledge and IQ.

YAHOO! ANSWERS: The most popular community site for users you have to ask and answer over a million questions. This Q/A site is categorized in such a way that you can easily find a quantum physics related questions under science and subcategory physics which makes people easier to look for both questions and answers. The answers given by different users are rated by a panel team which makes this website a quality one. To make its users participate actively in different conversations the site has a point policy, the more questions you answer the more top in the charts you stay which make you a learned person. This site is an active database for college students, no matter which field they be in. You got a question about anything during your college life? You Quora it up.

BLURT IT: If you want to skip the registration process and you find these a bit too annoying then you can always opt for this website. A site where asking and answering questions are totally without any registration and thought the platform looks a bit old but it is user-friendly.

WIKIANSWERS: Wikipedia has been famous among everybody for helping us during the time of assignments and presentations. This is another extension of Wikipedia which contains over a huge database of questions and answers there to help you out whenever you need and whatever you need.

ANYBODYOUTTHERE: An interesting, unique and user-friendly platform which allows you to not only ask technical questions but also ask questions on an emotional and spiritual level. It provides instant and relevant responses to your thoughts which helps you connect with people on to a different level and thus make you wiser both technically and emotionally.

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