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Top 30+ High DA Search Engine Submission Sites List

S.No. Search Engine Submission List Status
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High PR Search Engine Submission Websites List

The main source of increasing the quality type of customers and organic traffic on Internet today is with the help of Search Engine and the best way to look for them is by “Search Engine Submission Sites List 2022“. This article tells us about the help a blog owner or a small time business person or an individual can get with the help of these sites. These enable you to put the blogs or companies URL into the sites list so that once you submit them to other search engines it would give you a boost in traffic as well as providing valuable backlinks.

Search engine submission happens when you submit a URL of your quality content or a small website domain name to search engine for crawling & indexing.

CRAWLING: A process in which web crawlers, a type of search engine software find publically available information. For example, Google uses its Googlebot to crawl other web pages and bring back the information to Google.

INDEXING: A process which helps different search engines to organize the information under various categories and headings. Like Google creates a link index of words and their corresponding location so that they can be looked up when they are clicked on or whenever there is the demand of the corresponding information. It not only enhances your SEO optimization for quality content but it allows you to locate your URL among quality members and leads. It helps you increase the site ranking plus link popularity.

Promoting your site significantly increases your chances of coming into the limelight and increases your chances of gaining promoter potential customers searching for your products and services. When you submit your website to a reliable search engine directory, the search engine spiders discover your site soon make it visible. These are some of the major advantages of putting your URL of blog or site domain name under High PR Search Engine Submission Site 2022.

One significant disadvantage is that submitting the site is a complicated process, and you have to spend a good amount on professional SEO services. Even after submitting your site, you need to ensure that your web pages are high in quality and up-to-date.

Many people index their quality content or article on Google but they forget to submit them on various other kinds of search engine sites. Submitting blog to a different search engine will help you rank your content better on another search engine which will help you further in boosting your website traffic and authority over it.

So here are a few High PR Search Engine Directory Submission Site List:

  • Google Webmaster: com/webmasters/tools/submit-url
  • Bing: com/toolbox/submit-site-url
  • Yandex: com/addurl.xml
  • Active Search Results: http://www.activesearchresults. com/addwebsite.php
  • ExactSeek: http://www.exactseek. com/add.html
  • GigaBlast: http://www.gigablast. com/addurl
  • EntireWeb: http://www.entireweb. com/free_submission/
  • SonicRun: http://search.sonicrun. com/freelisting
  • SoMuch: http://www.somuch. com/submit-links/
  • VieSearch: http://viesearch. com/submit
  • Link Centre: http://linkcentre. com/
  • Info Tiger: http://www.infotiger. com/addurl.html
  • AltaVista: http://addurl.altavista. com/
  • Amfibi: http://addurl.amfibi. com/
  • MasterMoz: http://mastermoz. com/register.php
  • OneMission: http://onemission. com/
  • Polypat: http://polypat. org/submit.php
  • SearchSight: http://searchsight. com/submit.htm
  • 9Sites: http://www.9sites. net/addurl.php
  • 24×7 Web Directory: http://www.247webdirectory. com/submit.aspx
  • Anoox: http://www.anoox. com/add_for_indexing_free.php

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